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How look stylish as an Italian on a budget?

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

When walking on the streets you cross officers, Mothers, pensioners, people on the bike or on the vespa... so many type of backgrounds and destinations. And did you realize already what's the common in all of them? Yes, their sharp style and elegance.

In the past four years of living in Italy, I can only confirm that the 'people from the Boot' (indicating the shape of this amazing country) are the queens and kings of dressing up.

Photo:The Trend Spotter

This time I will not detail exactly what are they wearing (maybe in another Blog post as it is a huge topic and you would be here reading even tomorrow morning) but will indicate some brilliant items that are available for everyone -so that you don't have to wonder coming in Milan to shop with me hint hint- but you can simply order them and it comes right into your home.

Considering that my latest youtube video became extremely outstanding purchasing on AliExpress, I thought I'd dig into the deep and infinitive selection of stores and items on this popular on-line store.

Even though the Italian tailoring and quality local stores usually provide are something from a very high level and can not be simply copied by cheap, fast fashion manufacturers, sometimes you can find well designed, elegant pieces that recall the catwalks of the Italian fashion capital.

Photo: Whowatwear

Let's see what guidelines did I follow this time to shop on Aliexpress:

  • Monochrome Outfits and Seasonal Shades (According to the best for my character)

  • Elegant but with small particular details

  • Romantic pieces (for instance large sleeves)

The first Item i chose is an absolute love, maybe the top choice for 2021 Spring when it comes to jackets. The pastel purple's delicate vibes are crossed with the robust, rider lines: it keeps you in the world of street style, defines your waist and gives you girly vibes.

You can check it in the store by clicking here.

My second choice was a very romantic, pastel mini bag that is definitely becoming more and more popular in Milan.

However these extra small bags are not very useful, are rather used as a jewelry/accessory.

I like this bag in particular because it keeps it's sweetness and coolness in a good balance and definitely would be the hot point of the outfit. Indeed, we are talking about a statement bag.

It is available in different colors but the pastel green is very close to my heart, and could absolutely imagine it matched with the purple jacket. Sweetness on point!

To see more click here.

Fyling from innocent pastel dreams to steampunk, grunge world, there is a blazer coat I'm personally falling for.

It recalls Versace a little bit, but I wouldn't consider it a replica, so is a green light to everyone, that loves crossing elegance with metal accessories.

During a Personal Shopping session this summer, I remember seeing it's alterego in a store called Imperial and when I had the chance to go back, they didn't have my size anymore!

For this reason I'm sure I will be buying this and showing it in the frames of another Aliexpress Haul on my channel!

If you don't want to wait, you can purchase yours by clicking here.

To complete the look, I found these PU shorts to match the jacket with. I extremely like the tailoring and the choice of the fabric. Could be worn almost all year -except crazy hot summer days- and would definitely make you look classy in a casual way.

The best thing in these trousers is that thanks to it's 'A' line fits great to almost all body shapes, defines the waistline cheating optically wide hips even to those who don't have it.

Check them out here.

Everyone has different taste and style, and the key to look stylish on a budget is to find the items that work the best for you.

In case of doubts, remember that you have your personal stylist ready to help 😉

Un Bacio,


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