Frequently Asked Questions

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What is it like to go for personal shopping with you?

Fun, fun fun! 
I do believe that being professional does not mean that we can't have a great time together! I retain myself an easy going person that finds easily the vibes of her clients.
You won't have to be shy or worried, as I'm never pushing anyone to purchase something they don't like.

What stores will we go to on the Personal Shopping trips?

 Before we meet to shop, I send you a short questionnaiire to help me find out your lifestyle, preferences, and more.
Considering your preferences, budgets or eventually the specific items you are looking for, I will set up a plan of some stores that will be the best fit for you.  It is completely individualised for each client.  


Are you going to dress me in your style?

I completely understand this question, but the answer is NO! (Unless if you want it).
The beauty in this experience is that you will be able to find a bite of your own style, and own vibes.
My job is to push you out of your comfort zone, but it certainly doesn't mean that I will put you in extraordinary clothes.

What am I going to take home from a Personal Shopping?

Apart from the unique portfolio I provide you (that includes your armocromia and body shape analysis) and the beautiful items we are going to find, you are going to receive a lifetime knowledge of dressing up.
You will finally understand why certain clothes fit you so much and which colors are going to resonate the most with your character.

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