I had never tried anything like this before so I was curious to see what it was about also since I was uncertain about my own clothing style. Csenge was very kind and understanding. She went out of the way to help me find good clothes that fitted with my shape and skin colour. And she was good at explaining what would fit me from the start and so I could also try to find some clothes that worked well based on the profile she had made. This is great because then I could find something myself that would work when shopping later. Csenge even stayed longer just to make sure we found the right pair of trousers. So the private shopping experience was big success and I already feel more confident! Grazie mille!

Nathalie from Norway


Testimonials, reviews and real feedbacks are available on my AirBnB Experiences Page.

AriBnB Experiences

Two of the main services I offer -the Personal Shopping and Vintage Shopping tour - are available on the AirBnB platform.
I'm proud to tell that both of these experiences are 5-star rated by my dear clients.

BonPrix Bloggers

I'm so grateful to take part of the BonPrix Family that is sponsoring my outfits from time to time.

Quality and value is indeed one of the most important factors when dressing up and BonPrix is really good in it.

You can find out more  about these outfits on my Instagram page.

Bivio Milano

I really like the concept of the secondhand store, Bivio. 
I find extremely important to provide value to my custmers, so this store is definitely on my list when taking someone to the Milan Vintage Fashion Tour.

Apart from that in the past we had a collaboration of creating outfits for their on-line platforms.


Past Collaborations