Did you know that each person can be categorized by their seasons? In the fashion world it depends on your skin tone, and the colour of your eyes and hair.

According to these very important caracteristics; your season will define what colors fit you the best and what to avoid instead!

Once you discover the secret of the philosophy of the world of shades and colours, i bet your whole perspective and apperiance will change from one day to another.


Recommended because:

  • With this package you will be able to obtain the very essential basics in order to rise your apperiance to a whole new level!
  • Available Online too - get your Personalized Portfolio while sitting on your couch!
  • Quick and Economic​​​​​​​



  • The package includes your personalized color portfolio with the most recommended and less recommended shades.
  • You will receive a checklist that will help you to have a wide perspective about the shades your wardrobe already includes: let's avoid buying things you already have!

Armocromia - Your Colour Analysis

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