Interested in fashion but can't travel? Or on the contrary, don't care about fashion but you want to have an organized look? Then I recommend this package to you!
Get an online consultation from a Milanese style and fashion designer to save not only time but also money!


A real sneak-peek from a real fashion capital!

Within the package you will receive comprehensive advice: after analyzing your character, I will share with you your season, the best shades that fit you the best, and the ones to avoid; will analyze your figure and explain the right cuts and designs that will emphasize your benefitial lines and advise some others that will cover the Christmas/Easter /Holiday /Break up buiscuits.

We will analyze your wardrobe foundation to discover new combinations without further shopping, and I will share with you a wealth of useful tips and tricks that you can build in to your daily routine. You are guaranteed to look at fashion from a different perspective, as your mirror image speaks for itself.
Be it a gift to yourself or a loved one, it will certainly have it's effect.
Make the most of yourself!

On-Line Style Coaching

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  • Please get in touch with me in order to organize our consultation.